Cycling with Family

Abraham Day 2013 at San Jose

We enjoy going cycling on weekend and one of the fun places to ride is in SF Sunday Street Bike ride on March 9th 2014. Here are some good places to ride a bike with children and kids of different ages.


Kids learning to ride. Great for beginner

  • Shoreline Park in Mountain View – Free parking and does get busy on weekends.
  • Sunnyvale Baylands – Free parking for off-seasons
  • Coyote Point Park in San Meteo. – Free parking at Seal point
  • Golden Gate Park in SF – JFK is car free on Sunday morning.
  • Crystal Spring Regional Trail in San Meteo. – It does get busy on weekend but very flat for most part.


Great for children from 5 years and above. Some of the trail are considered easy but there are some sections are bumpy and a little hilly.


Some other places worth mentioning

  • Bedwell Park in Chico
  • Sacramento River Trail at Redding
  • Montery Bay Trail – Busy on weekend
  • Folsom Lake (We have never been there but on todo list)