Bicycling Spring Classic 2016


This is my 3rd Spring Classic Ride with Bicycling Magazine and Specialized. My first ride was 25 miles with Tour De Cure team. Two year ago, I completed the 60 miles on a warm and windy and barely survived the last 10 miles. For 2016, I started my training early in Dec 15 to prepare the 90 miles (4,890 feets) but I never did any longer rides than 50 miles.


I rode the first 30 miles drafting behind strong and experience riders to save energy. They dropped in the first climb but it was good experience riding with group of 14-15 riders. After the second break, I was not able to keep up with the group and was riding alone until 60 miles rides.


Overall, it was Spring classic ride was a well organized event and they event have timing.